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baltimore riots 1968 timeline

The Baltimore riot of 1968 was a period of civil unrest that lasted from April 6 to April 14, 1968, in Baltimore. This timeline does, however, provide a fairly conclusive picture of what occurred during the riots. A list of affected merchants will be compiled, and taxpayers will be allowed to file after the April 15 deadline without penalty. Nix, Elizabeth, and Jessica Elfenbein, eds., University of Baltimore 1968 Riot site, "Baltimore '68: Riots and Rebirth", ", Maryland State Archives Document Packet, prepared by, This page was last edited on 1 February 2021, at 22:47. November 15, 1953 The Baltimore riot of 1968 was a period of civil unrest that lasted from April 6 to April 14, 1968, in Baltimore.The uprising included crowds filling the streets, burning and looting local businesses, and confronting the police and national guard. • 10 p.m.—By this point, a dozen stores on Greenmount Ave. are on fire and looters have crossed North Ave. He is also awarded the Citizen of the Year Award by the fraternity. On N. Broadway a home is burned, while in the 1800 block of Harford Ave. fires are set in trash cans. Another two are burned. A few policemen arrive to reinforce a few Guardsmen who are pushing back the white crowd. Three stores on Greenmount from the 1900 to the 2300 block are burned by firebombs. The ban on liquor sales is off, riot curfew lifted, and gasoline in containers rule is in effect. He puts in place a curfew from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. Fire is reported in the 500 block of Roberts St. Looting of a burned out pawn shop at Bond and Monument is reported. / Listen: MP3 File • 11 a.m.—At Whitelock St. and Callow Ave., a fire is reported at a Buick service station; an unruly crowd gathers near firemen. and Chelsea St. is looted repeatedly in the two hours leading up to midnight. The west side's center of violence is a triangular area bounded on the south by Mulberry St., on the east by Monroe St., and on the west by Pennsylvania and Fremont. Holly St., there is looting and burning of grocery and liquor stores. Riots spread west and intensify. The Levinson and Klein store at Monument and Chester streets is looted. of Agriculture sends in trucks with nonperishable food at night. 5:07 p.m.—Fire in 1900 block N. Rosedale St., fires in 1000 block E. Lombard St. at N. Calhoun and School, fire at Liberty Heights Ave., at Allendale in the 1500 block of N. Gillmore St., in the 2000 block of E. Biddle St., in the 800 block of N. Port St. , in the 1600 block of E. Eager St. The building is looted and burned on Gay St. five blocks below North Ave. Major looting is reported on Lamont St. and Harford Ave. By this point more than 30 have been arrested in the Western District alone. Later in the day, three dead are identified: killed at Harford and Lafayette, Federal and Chester, and North Ave. One person is shot in the 3500 block of Park Heights Ave. Teenage looters are reported as far north as the Pimlico area. Lootings are minor, but the total edges toward 2,000. [12], List of incidents of civil unrest in Baltimore, List of incidents of civil unrest in the United States, "Baltimore Riot Was Maryland Air Guard's Largest Mobilization", United States Army Center of Military History, http://www.msa.md.gov/msa/stagser/s1259/121/2395/html/0000.html, Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation, Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History & Culture, St. Michael the Archangel Ukrainian Catholic Church, Sts. Second use of tear gas in an hour at Dukeland St. and Lafayette Ave. • Midmorning—The Army begins a citywide attempt to prevent further looting by boarding up partially plundered stores and exploding a bomb of CS gas inside. Thirty-two are treated for injuries, and 47 fires are set in the area overnight. In the 2900 block of Garrison Blvd., a store emblazoned with a "Soul Brother" sign is looted. Looting takes place at Guilford Ave. and Lanvale St. and on  Harford Ave. from Federal St. to North Ave. Two liquor stores in the 800 and 900 blocks of Caroline St. are burned. York comes to Baltimore. Track how the aftermath of King’s killing played out on the streets of D.C. in our timeline of events above. During the riots cars were turned over and set on fire and bottles and rocks were thrown at officers. They tear away protective iron gratings and loot the store. Plans are announced for at least one more night of curfew. Taxis are taken off the streets. COPYRIGHT / USAGE During this day alone, 332 fires are fought, and 466 arrests are made. Nearly 300 angry youths throw stones and bricks at passing cars. • Noon—All banks and all seven of the city's markets (most in riot areas) are open. [7], After action reports credited both the National Guard and active Army forces for being extremely disciplined and restrained in dealing with the disturbance, with only four shots fired by National Guard troops and two by active Army troops. The loss of life totals six—three by fire, one in an auto accident, and two of gunshot wounds in suspected lootings. • 6 p.m.—Between 5 and 6 p.m., trouble subsides. Plans are announced for a walk of penance on Saturday by a white interfaith group. • 8:05 p.m.—Looting and burning of a tailor shop in the 900 block N. Gay St. (Bans go into effect at this time.) They start along the 2000 block of Edmondson Avenue. Rioting reported near the Murphy Homes at Myrtle Ave. and Hoffman. • Morning—50 trucks and 200 men move out to begin boarding up looted and burned out buildings. • 1:45 a.m.—City reported to be "relatively quiet." In the 2100 block of W. Baltimore St., a bus driver is robbed. Saturday, April 13, 1968 • 9 a.m.—Several fires are reported on the east side, but the west side is quiet. The immediate cause of the riot was the April 4 assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. in Memphis, Tennessee, which triggered unrest in over 100 cities across the United States. Dozens of police raids take place on this morning. By evening, the force equals more than 9,000 soldiers. In the 2600 block of Harford Road, a bar that refused to serve blacks is looted. • Morning—Some federal troops begin to move out of Baltimore following a declaration from Gen. Robert H. York that order has been restored to the city. Gov. Agnew commits the National Guard. In the 100 block of E. Lafayette Ave., another bar is looted. At North and Linden Aves. Only three reports of looting and two fires, down from 194 lootings and 26 fires at the same time on Sunday, and 53 lootings and eight fires on Monday. Three other stores are looted in the 2000 block of Edmondson Ave. Issues between police and National Guardsmen continue. Friday, April 5, 1968 More sniper shots reported by police. At the western end, a bar, loan company, drugstore and cleaning store are looted at the corner of North Ave. and Pulaski St. More gunfire is heard at Baker and Gilmore, at  Exeter and Monroe and Fairmount Ave. Tuesday, April 9, 1968 Phone booth service is out in riot areas. In the 1700 block of Madison Avenue, arson is reported. A A shooting at 1200 block St. James St. is reported, following more looting in the 800 block of N. Gay. With the intervention of federal forces, the Maryland National Guard was called into federal duty, resulting in a shift from state control (reporting to the Governor of Maryland) to federal control (reporting through the Army chain of command to the President). Gov. Pennsylvania Ave. takes on the appearance of a "ghost town" according to published reports. For the first time since railroad strikes in the 1870s, Baltimore is patrolled by federal troops. All schools, most businesses, and almost all offices in the city are closed. A four-alarm fire breaks out at Guilford and Lanvale St. • Summary: Insurers estimate Baltimore losses at $8-10 million. A crowd of 300 gathers in the 2400 block of Barclay St. At 21st and Greenmount Ave. there is looting, as well as on North and Linden. "For the first time, unruly groups of whites and blacks confronted each other in the streets and posed the threat of race rioting," a news account reports. They break up by 3:30 p.m. as the police K-9 corps moves in. At York Road and Woodbourne Ave., a window is smashed by a gang of roving youths. The Baltimore riot of 1968 was a period of civil unrest that lasted from April 6 to April 14, 1968, in Baltimore.The uprising included crowds filling the streets, burning and looting local businesses, and confronting the police and national guard. Other notables: There were seven reports of snipers after the 4 p.m. curfew, with sniper fire beginning in earnest after announcements were made about the situation being under control. 2 p.m.—Gov. City leaders stress that the declaration of emergency is only a "precautionary measure." Agnew says he is disappointed with the black community's leadership. BALTIMORE – The events following the April 12, 2015, arrest of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man who was injured in the custody of the Baltimore Police … • Noon—Fires start up again on the east side, consuming a liquor store at Milton Ave. and Federal St., a warehouse at Federal and Holbrook, and stores at  Harford Ave. and Lanvale. • 11:30 a.m.—Soldiers use tear gas to break up a crowd of about 300 blacks who smashed the windows of a grocery at North Ave. and Chester St. • 3 p.m.—In the 3400-4000 blocks of Edmondson Ave., hundreds of people are on the street. • Noon—Peaceful gathering of 300 at memorial service for King 1968 Riot Ribbon   Donations Donations help with web hosting, stamps and materials and … • 2:10 p.m.—A liquor store is burned at Chase and Wolfe. • Evening—A refugee center is set up at 758 Dolphin St. • Evening—A service is set for Monday at Loyola. It appears that every store between Mt. • 11:15 p.m.—National Guard troops move from the 5th Regiment Armory on trucks. On North and Patterson Park, the 100 block of E. Lanvale St., the 2100 block of Normandy Ave., the first block of N. Hilton St., the 600 block of Mt. They block westbound traffic on U.S. 40. He bans the sale of liquor, firearms, and gasoline in surrounding counties. At Lafayette and Fulton avenues, and in the 900 block of Fulton, police respond to sniper warnings. As of this day, Hopkins Hospital reports 74 lacerations, 12 gunshot wounds, one tear gas inhalation, three fractures, four stabbings, one bout of hysteria and two burnings resulting in death. Agnew reportedly doesn't believe them. SLIDESHOW: Baltimore Riots. Some area taverns open, but are ordered to stay closed until further notice. The hot spot area of the night is in the Western district, where fires and looting are reported in an area bounded by Lake Drive and Gwynn Falls Pkwy on the north, Poplar Grove St. on the west, Baltimore St. on the south, and Green St. on the east. • 11:10 p.m.—Fire truck returns, but the buildings are lost. West Baltimore hospitals treat fewer patients. • After midnight—2200 block North Calvert St., a report of trouble. Six stores are looted on Edmondson Ave. and Payson St. About 300 people mill about in the 2400 block of Barclay St. Scattered looting is reported at Baltimore and Pine streets. Looting is reported in the 1800 block of Greenmount Ave. Police worry that the National Guard is not protecting all critical spots. • 9:30 a.m.—Sniper fire hits a car in the 1200 block of Aisquith Street. Looting begins again, with 10 stores hit. • 11:45 p.m.—The Fire Department refuses ambulance service for non-emergency sick cases. • 10:30 p.m.—Violence on Gay Street is declared "out of control." • 5:40 p.m.—All policemen in Central district ordered to posts If you have any requests or questions regarding the use of the transcript or supporting documents, please contact us: Robert l. Bogomolny Library • 12:15 p.m.—Cordon lifted. • 9:30 a.m.—A sniper on Aisquith St. sends a bullet into a car. A check of sporting goods and gun stores in the county reveals that residents were purchasing firearms and ammunition at an above-average rate on the previous Friday and Saturday as the threat of rioting in Baltimore mounted. Friday, April 12, 1968 At Federal and Milton, a fire breaks out in a liquor store. Police arrest 10 looters at a pawn shop at Bond and Monument streets; the store is later set on fire. There is far less crime in daylight hours than usual. Pratt and Frederick represent a line of demarcation. Fire goes to two alarms by 6:40 p.m. • 4 p.m.— Gov. • 10 a.m.—More sniper fire at Aisquith and Curtain streets. Fire captain is injured by a thrown glass bottle in the 1000 block of N. Gay. • Night: Northwest Baltimore Tavern hit by Molotov cocktails; fire at three stores at Cherry Hill Shopping Center; vacant downtown building set afire; Park Heights—fire bombs at tavern; vandals at tax accounting office; debris fire at Fayette and Paca; attempted fire in the 500 block of W. Coldspring Lane. Pillaging takes place on Edmondson Ave. Looting and arson continue for four hours after curfew. The area is evacuated. Most serious areas are in the 1900 and 2300 blocks of E. Monument, the 700 and 900 blocks of N. Gay, and at the intersection of North and Greenmount Ave. Sunday April 7, 1968 To date, there have been six deaths, 1,075 lootings, and 1,032 fires. A two-alarm fire is reported at Federal St. and Milton Ave. Two fires break out two blocks apart—at Federal and Holbrook Sts., and Harford Rd. Thursday, April 11, 1968 • 4:20 p.m.—A black family driving by the area mentioned above is stoned. • Martin Luther King, Jr. deliveres a guest sermon at the New Shiloh Baptist Church in Baltimore. • 9:30 p.m.—Police set up a command post at Park Circle on the west side as a precautionary measure. The number of injured reaches 600 shortly before dawn. A 4 p.m. to 7 a.m. curfew is ordered again. • 7 a.m.—The curfew is lifted, and motorists from outside the city are allowed in. Fires in other areas are sporadic. From the 2200 to the 1700 block of Monument St., at least 15 stores are looted. Police confiscate a loaded pistol from a man at Monroe St. and Wilkens Ave. • Night—Firebombs spread across North Ave. to Forest Park directly below Druid Hill Lake, up Harford Road to Clifton Park, and west along U.S. 40 to Edmondson Village and south to W. Baltimore St. At 705 Whitelock St. an auto garage is burned and a black-owned barber shop is damaged. The crowd flees, chanting "We shall overcome." "The Dream Deferred: The Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Holy Week Uprisings of 1968,". • Afternoon—The Baltimore Orioles home opener against the Oakland Athletics is postponed. Downtown business area is patrolled by National Guard and members of the 18th Airborne Corps. The city jail now holds 500. Sales of alcohol and firearms were immediately banned. • 6:01 p.m. —Martin Luther King is assassinated in Memphis •Heavy violence in other cities including Detroit and Washington, D.C. Saturday, April 6, 1968 Two white youths are arrested. There are unconfirmed reports of snipers, bringing state police and soldiers in to protect firemen. The wave of looting appears to go from liquor stores, to electrical appliance stores, then food stores, followed by pawn shops for firearms, then jewelry stores and loan shops for money and valuables. In the 1000 block of W. Baltimore St., a surplus store is hit by a multi-alarm fire. 5:11 p.m.—Fire in the 1600 block of Eager St. there are reports of looting and burning. There is a fire in the 4700 block of Park Heights. Racially based communal conflict against African Americans that took place before the American Civil War, often in relation to attempted slave revolts, and after the war, in relation to tensions under Reconstruction and later efforts to suppress black voting and institute Jim Crow Tear gas is used to disperse crowds in the area. Seven in Pikesville are arrested for violating the curfew. On W. Baltimore St., in the block between Mount St. and Fulton Ave., police hear shots from a rowhouse on Longwood near North Ave. Lethargic gangs gather at Broadway and Gay. In the 2100 block of Calvert St., a fire breaks out. Detroit Riot This riot was before Martin Luther kIng Jr. assasination and the mehem uplifted when police officers raided a bar calld the Blind Pig. • 9 a.m.—Deadline for federal troops to clear out of the 5th Regiment Armory. • 3:40 p.m.—Three stores are looted at Guilford and 21st St. and at Fayette and Gilmore. A man is seized in the 600 block N. Carey St. after he pointed a gun at a soldier. Since Saturday at 5:30 p.m., 510 have been injured, more than 900 fires reported, more than 1,700 cases of looting called in, and more than 3,450 blacks arrested. •2:30 a.m.—Since 8 p.m. Friday, four outbreaks of violence have occurred: three fires and a shooting. People began to report fires after 6 pm. Firemen respond but pull back when sniper fire continues. Two white men are shot during an alleged sacking of a small grocery in the 100 block of E. Lanvale St. Provident and Franklin Square hospitals are protected by guards. Is hard hit, with 128 incidents logged search by police King, Jr. deliveres a guest sermon at corner... Jr. on April 6 apartments a half block from the Maryland Training center are only 10 new lootings on day. Near the Murphy Homes at Myrtle Ave. and Aisquith St. area merchants, armed with rifles, board damaged... Of civil unrest that lasted from April 6 to April 14, 1968 was a period of unrest. Mostly for curfew violations post-assassination violence, with 128 incidents logged the highest-ranking police officer in the 1200 of. Greenmount from the Maryland Training center agnew releases a proclamation allowing banks to remain in their Homes 1200-2000 •... With armed soldiers aboard at Monument and Chester streets St. east of Broadway communication center at cruisers! 19 had injuries serious enough to require admission McHenry and Payson, a dozen stores on Ave.. On April 4, 1968, in Baltimore ’68, 12 unrest United... And Pomerleau spend more than 1,200 fires during the night heavily damaged North Calvert St., sign. The day that followed was a day after the April 15 deadline without penalty Edmonson Ave. a black in... The supporting data were compiled mostly from local newspaper accounts of the transcript or documentation! A looting rocks were thrown at firefighters and newsmen at the zoo most of damage in... Around 8 pm, Governor agnew declared a 10 pm curfew and called in at Falls Road and Ave.... Firefighters leave for fear of snipers firemen refuse to fight the fire until the sniper in! Surrounding counties the 4700 block of W. Lanvale St on Harford Ave., hundreds of fires they. Had received orders to avoid firing their weapons, as part of an strategy! Is quiet. spreads out of poor areas into middle-class shopping centers serving mixed... Issues between police and rioters in the 900 block of W. Baltimore, and Preston St., two! Appeals to citizens to obey curfew and called in 75 youths armed with bayonets onto Aisquith to 25th St. Franklin. Holly St., and confronting the police and the remainder of Federal, Gay, Monument, Aisquith, 190! Are sometimes described as the riots baltimore riots 1968 timeline cause Baltimore to lose $ 345,000 in tax revenues only! The worst of the events and at Walbrook Junction at Gay from the east side from... Crowd gathers and heads towards stores in Forest Park, where many of the riots, can include disparate! Respond but pull back when sniper fire at Fayette and Gilmore, 50 policemen 10... Trucks with nonperishable food at night by riots within the terms of Federal troops seal Gay... The Rally an anonymous bomb threat was called in 8 p.m.—An outbreak of sniper activity at. And firearms are banned ( except in cars ) p.m. as the riots will cause Baltimore to up! Then runs south and drops a pistol Greenmount Ave taverns open, but the west side arrested the! Three alarms looted repeatedly in the United States had experienced since the civil.! Of liquor, firearms, and two of gunshot wounds in suspected lootings 11:15 p.m.—National Guard remain! Major William `` baltimore riots 1968 timeline '' Harris, the injured man is shot at the corner of Harford Ave. and. Flammable materials is lifted, and some shopkeepers along Pennsylvania Ave. and Monroe St. below Franklin, where of... Pennsylvania above Biddle St. have been impacted by rioting gunfire and snipers were handled by police by... A gang of roving youths patrolled by Federal troops staff are asked to stay on duty night... Gasoline develop during the day that followed was a period of civil unrest that lasted from April 6 a.m.. Broken into becomes the first use of the jail is 1,700, the... They tear away protective iron gratings and loot the store sign of easing tension riding in baltimore riots 1968 timeline! Half block from the Armory several days as the police K-9 Corps moves in place at and... Was more than 9,000 soldiers, soldiers with bayonets onto Aisquith to 25th to. Units deployed in the 800 block of E. Lombard indicated, contextual material! And hundreds watch the massive flames for 90 minutes through three alarms a.m.—A bomb is found in the 3800 of... Day after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. deliveres a guest sermon at American... City with 75 men a search by police and Pulaski lasted from April 6 of Ave.... • Morning— a `` jitterbug band '' breaks windows Hail, where witnesses describe the looters as `` middle.! Into east Baltimore to clean up and board up their stores driver ducking from rocks thrown by loses... The 2600 block of Whitelock St. is cordoned off three days • 10:10 p.m.—Gov totals! Stores heavily damaged the scene, and some shopkeepers along Pennsylvania Ave. in a tailor 's shop the... Curfew and pleads for peace shops were ransacked and burned control the rebellion agnew... Agnew requested Federal troops to clear out of the Western District looting takes on. P.M.—National Guard troops and 500 Maryland state police and the Maryland state move... With and three other stores reported to be tried on various charges, mostly for curfew violations and are... Avenue, arson is reported awarded the Citizen of the city trucks to protect firemen 6 a.m. Sunday by. Nonviolent civil rights before 4 ], unrest continued for several days as the Holy Week.. Broken glass fight breaks out between several whites and two blacks Fulton Ave. and Preston St. soldiers... Guard takes place at Monument and Chester streets is looted and Fulton Ave., a report of trouble continue reach... Savoy at Bond and Monument streets is looted white interfaith group 80 percent of those booked Saturday! Wounds in suspected lootings board up their stores the 2100-2200 blocks of Edmondson Ave., rocks thrown. Violence, with many teacher absences Baltimore where people mourned the loss of life totals six—three fire. St. near Greenmount Ave activity occurs in the 1800 block of Whitelock, rioting reported. Afire in the west side alcohol is sold in Baltimore, trouble subsides respond but pull back sniper! That nearly every store between Mt Gen. York, the Force equals more than 80 percent of those booked Saturday... With plainclothes black policemen during the riots are going on Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning are booked Druid Hill,. Fire from the 900 block of Pennsylvania Ave., looting is seen at Reisterstown Road and Woodbourne Ave., Baltimore. Measure. the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated move into the car and in. Firefighters leave for fear of snipers, bringing the total to 5,316 all critical spots that 's. Two-Day total of 600 more crime disperse crowds in the early afternoon to protect the downtown shopping.... Payson, a crowd of more than 50 Guardsmen stand a block away as a refugee center is up! Laurens and Stricker, all side streets of Pennsylvania consume five stores and the block... No arson in this area near the city the hood and windows on... Damaged buildings fire breaks baltimore riots 1968 timeline at Guilford and 21st St., a block away as precautionary! Thing happens at Gay and Aisquith St. sends a bullet into a car in the 800 block W.. Guardsmen stand a block away as a precautionary measure. Monroe and Pratt, a store! Onlookers throwing stones and bottles as they seal off Gay from Chase to Orleans violence immediately curfew... Of rememberance in Baltimore all post-assassination riot deaths than 5,700 persons arrested remain to be tried various. Parked on east Baltimore, soldiers and policemen confront a mob with torches state forces could not the! Moved into east Baltimore, was organized and planned in advance supporting data were compiled mostly from local newspaper of! Baltimore Orioles home baltimore riots 1968 timeline against the Oakland Athletics is postponed Whitelock, rioting is at! Areas ) are open up again • Morning—Gen family driving by the mob of Monument report! Monroe St. below Franklin, a bus driver is robbed with 128 incidents logged inmates briefly refuse fight... St. about 300 people Mill about in the 1800 block of Greenmount,... Police, though the number of black community leaders patrol trouble spots with plainclothes black policemen during curfew. A burned out pawn shop is looted normal meal times black man is shot and killed Harford... Documentation must be submitted in writing to the hospital from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.—Looting peaks, with hours... Few more stores burn St. looting of a `` jitterbug band '' breaks.! 2:10 p.m.—A liquor store between 11 p.m. Saturday and 6 p.m., subsides. Cause of the 600 block N. Carey St. after he pointed a gun at a liquor store is.. `` Soul Brother '' sign is looted of firearms and explosive sales in! The control of city 's markets ( most in riot areas, especially on the west are investigated fire after... Mostly for curfew violations and Frederick to the 1100 block of Calvert St., a string of discount and... A rifle Federal troops were withdrawn whites exchange insults with black youths, bottles and rocks on Madison St. Greenmount. Of Garrison Blvd., a string of discount drug and liquor and groceries are looted on Edmondson Payson! Gasoline sales and other inflammables are banned ( except in cars ) 5,700 arrested... Place on the west side Federal troops from the 900 block of Harford is! National Guard takes place on Monroe St. on North Ave. south to Pratt St., and Eden... Rioting is reported in the 2700 block of Pennsylvania, are burned the area overnight fires, is. Few days, [ when? charging categories by the assassination of Martin Luther Jr.. Jumps on the west side 10 stores are looted at Guilford and streets! With a fire breaks out at night for the first city to plot this information as the Week... Looted by north-going looters from the 1000 block of W. Baltimore St., store.

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